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10/29/2015 Intimate Encounters Afternoon Delight
» Afternoon Delight beautifully captures couples engaging in some seriously naughty afternoon treats, that will have you and your partner creating some daylight magic of your own.
10/29/2015 Intimate Encounters Book Of Love
» Destined for a life of married monotony. But when she turns her attention to a paperback romance, she finds herself lost in the sensual erotic stories that unfold around her.
10/29/2015 Intimate Encounters Brave Hearts
» Sarah (Faye Regan), the most famous Romance Novelist in the world, is writing the final book in her series of best-selling love stories.
10/29/2015 Intimate Encounters Chance Encoungers
» Is it possible that a Chance Encounter with a stranger can make you question EVERYTHING? Letting yourself go- be it to the towel boy or the woman next door.
10/29/2015 Intimate Encounters Desire (Intimate Encounters)
» The overwhelming craving for her body is intense. Your emotions swirl as two bodies become one in a heated involuntary state.
10/29/2015 Intimate Encounters Oasis
» Prepare yourself for a journey into a cinematically beautiful adventure with the Sexiest Desert Goddesses, as they take you to new heights of sensual erotica, from Sunrise to Sunset.
10/29/2015 Intimate Encounters Summer Lovers
» The days are longer, the nights are shorter, and love is in the air. The passion that these lovers bring is as hot as the burning sun. There is nothing like the rush of a steamy uninhibited summer romance.
10/20/2015 Standard Digital Taboo - The Mothers Edition
» From award winning hall of fame director, Kirdy Stevens, came the highly acclaimed best selling adult series of all-time, Taboo. From the golden age of porn, captured in 35mm, this classic series of films paved.
08/21/2015 Good Night Media All-American Cheerleaders Vol. 1
» You have never seen cuter and sluttier girls than these All-American Cheerleaders. Find out what is really going on under their short skirts and behind their pom-poms.
08/21/2015 Good Night Media All-American Cheerleaders Vol. 2
» The All-American Cheerleaders series is back with All-American Cheerleaders #2, starring the most flexible, young, & slutty girls of F.U., as they suck & fuck their way through the football team.
08/21/2015 Good Night Media Cheating With The Maid
» When the man of the house sees the horny help in their little black skirts and tight little aprons bending over to get that dirt underneath the bed, they can't help but think dirty thoughts.
08/21/2015 Good Night Media Here Cums the President!
» Here Cums The President is a film parodying the sexual deviance of some the Presidents of the USA. Hail to the Chiefs and their horny terms in office. Many presidents sex up the White House with the hottest women to ever hide under the desk.
08/21/2015 Good Night Media Katy Pervy - The XXX Parody
» Pop sensation Katy Pervy knows what sells her music: SEX! Well, that and a sexy voice that could only get that way via daily deep throat vocal exercises.
08/10/2015 VCX I Made Daddy Do It
» I Made Daddy Do It! And our family will never be the same! There's just something about older guys and young girls. The little, young deviants have a thing for their step-father, while mother is away the girls come out and play...
12/18/2014 Video-X-Pix Barbara Broadcast
» Many consider Barbara Broadcast to be the most professional porn film ever shot – witty, sophisticated, and erotic. A former high-class prostitute turned acclaimed author, the stunning Barbara Broadcast (Annette Haven)
12/18/2014 Video-X-Pix Maraschino Cherry
» Maraschino Cherry was the last of the official Henry Paris films and thus Metzger’s swan song to the porno-chic genre. Combining Metzger’s Trademark decadent settings, witty dialogue and sizzling eroticism
12/18/2014 Video-X-Pix Naked Came The Stranger
» Sizzling sex, stunning cinematography, and Radley Metzger’s trademark humor make Naked Came The Stranger an undisputed classic from the Golden Age of Erotic Filmmaking.
12/18/2014 Video-X-Pix Opening Of Misty Beethoven
» The Opening of Misty Beethoven is one of the most expensive, glamourous and exciting adult features ever made. Dr. Love (Jamie Gillis) bets sidekick Geraldine Rich (Jacqueline Beaudant)
12/18/2014 Video-X-Pix Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann
» Radley Metger’s first artful foray into hard-core filmmaking, Pamela Mann exudes the dirty elegance of mid 1970’s NYC. The plot follows a private detective named Frank
12/18/2014 Video-X-Pix Wanda Whips Wall Street
» Larry Revene, one of the best adult film cinematographers of all time, took to the director’s chair for this wild and wonderful tale of sexual intrigue and economic espionage.
06/14/2013 Caballero Dirty Shary
» Go Ahead…. Make Her Night! Christy Canyon is hot as a PISTOL! The daring and violent female detective, Dirty Shary (Christy Canyon), investigates a case of white slavery.
05/30/2013 Caballero Christy Canyon - Legends of Porn 10 Pack
» Christy Cnayon - Legends of Porn 10 Pack The Queen of Porn Dirty Shary Christy Canyon Non Stop Christy Canyon Screws the Stars Lick Bush You Make Me Wet I Like to Be Watched Docter Desire Dirty Letters Swedish Erotica 121 Flesh & Ecstasy
05/21/2013 Video-X-Pix Male Chauvinist Pig
» The legendary Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig (1973) is a wildly fascinating throwback to the early years of explicit feature films.
01/18/2013 Caballero Amber's Desires
» Like the song says, “I can’t get no satisfactions,” …and neither can luscious Amber Lynn. This dazzling temptress is so frustrated about coming up with a big “o” in the “Big Oh!” Department” ...
01/18/2013 Caballero John Holmes - Legends of Porn 10 Pack
» John Holmes Legends of Porn 10 Pack. My Tongue is Quick John Holmes Non Stop The Orgy Machine Let Me Count the Lays Kingdom Cum Winning Strokes John Holmes & Company Mr Big Stuff The Big Leagues John Holmes Screws The Stars
01/18/2013 Caballero Legends of Porn 10 Pack
» Legends of Porn 10 Pack Dirty Shary Christy Canyon Non Stop Andrew Blake The Legend Pandoras Mirror American Desire House of Dreams Sekas Fantasies Secrets Andrew Blakes Girls Night Trips
01/18/2013 Caballero Vanessa Del Rio - Legends of Porn 10 Pack
» Vanessa Del Rio - Legends of Porn 10 Pack The Filthy Rich Libido Loco Ah Caramba Women in Love Oral Assets Vanessa & Friends Lips Co Ed Fever Sin of Lust Aphrodesias Diary
06/06/2012 I-Candy Insatiable 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition
» Dynasty Group presents one of adult’s true all-time classics. Insatiable – starring timeless superstar Marilyn Chambers – as you’ve never seen her before!
05/09/2012 Caballero You Make Me ...Wet
» Love and jealousy make strange bedfellows. The fur flies and the juices run rampant when Maude and Tracy combine their fleshly pleasures in strange, unusual, and exciting ways - ...
11/09/2011 Cal-Vista Classics Legends of Porn Vol 3
» The greatest scenes featuring: Barbara Dare Tara Aire Sharon Kane Aja Samantha Fox Sharon Mitchell Juliet Anderson Jessica Wylde Anna Ventura Kimberly Carson Rita Ricardo KC Valentine Porsche Lynn Gloria Leonard Susan Hart
08/02/2011 No Manufacturer Lex and His Women
» Everything in this Movie is BIG! Starring Lexington Steele and His Women: Luscious Lopez Katja Kassin Lauren Phoenix Sandra Roman Destiny Deville Rayveness
07/25/2011 Caballero NightLife
» It's 8 P.M. ... The weather is hot, but Joanna is hotter she slips into something special and out the door into the glow of the neon street. Once she walked the streets, and now the desperate passion on the strip draws her back the "Night Life"
05/19/2011 Good Night Media Sex World 2069
» The year is 2069, a time when the population's craving for sex is intense. But, if they can afford it, they can vacation to Sex World, a theme park for adults, where all of their most carnal fantasies will come true.
01/03/2011 Sunshine Big Blonde Breasts!
» Big Titty Collection Beautiful Blonde chick with huge tits! 5 Hours! Watch my titties bounce! Now fuck my tits! Pull out and cum on them!
01/03/2011 Sunshine Think Pink She-Males
» Featuring the most beautiful men in the world If you don’t think about it… you would never know the difference! Shot on location in Rio De Janero, Brazil
11/19/2010 Celluloid Addiction Capricious
» Sex, money, scandal and fame. Capri Anderson attracts them all with her quiet beauty, soft features and magnetic eyes. In a fleeting moment she shed her anonymity and stepped into the spotlight with a mysterious allure that captivated the public.
11/15/2010 Video-X-Pix Erotic Dr. Jekyll, The
» (1976) An classic from Victor Milt. Some of the most famous stars of yesteryear grace us with their performances. Bree Anthony-virgin girl, Bobby Astyr-Igor, Zebedy Colt-Count, Terri Hall-groupie, and Harry Reems-Dr. Jekyll.
11/14/2010 Sunshine Big Tits in Waterland
» Party On! And what a we party it is! Outdoors, in the pool, jacuzzi and the bathtub! Lots of tit fucking, anal sex, lesbian scenes the workXXX!
11/14/2010 Sunshine Big Titty Collection #1
» Jugs Mania All D+ tits I like to have my big fat juicy tits, sucked and fucked! Cum in my mouth and then on my jugs! All tits are supersized for your jack-off pleasure.
11/14/2010 Sunshine California Bikini Babes
» by Phillmore Butts "The Best Anal Gapers we've seen in 2000" – Pornographixxx Review Committee’
11/01/2010 Celluloid Addiction Nymphetamine 4
» The Cure is the Addiction! - Starring Capri Anderson - Romantically involved with Charlie Sheen.
11/01/2010 Celluloid Addiction Solamente 4
» The Cure is the Addiction! - Starring Capri Anderson - Romantically involved with Charlie Sheen.
10/07/2010 VCX So You Think You Can FUCK
» Before they became legends, they were young beauties looking for fast fame and a quick dollar. These lust fueled vixens thought they could fuck. Here are the scenes that proved them right!
06/25/2010 VCX Stripped - A Confessional 2
» Welcome to the confessions of gorgeous sex addicted models. Hear from their mouths lusts, cravings and desires as well as their profoundly lascivious lives.
06/18/2010 Cal-Vista Classics Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 2
» She’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more… she’s Debbie, and there isn’t anything nasty or naughty that she won’t do, as long as it feels good!
06/18/2010 Cal-Vista Classics Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 3
» Barbara Dare is porn’s most wanted beauty. In one of her sexiest roles as Debbie she participates in a television show looking for the most desirable woman in America.
06/18/2010 Cal-Vista Classics Garage Girls
» One of the most acclaimed erotic filmmakers, Robert McCallum, delivers a masterpiece with Garage Girls, a mind-bending, pulse-racing sex romp.
06/18/2010 Cal-Vista Classics Superstars Of Porno Vol. 2
» Stunners Amber Lynn and Christy Canyon show you what fucking gorgeous beauties is all about!
06/01/2010 Video-X-Pix Blonde Ambition - Platinum Elite Collection
» An all-time classic of adult filmmaking, "the Amero Brothers' "Blonde Ambition" is a glorious XXX tribute to the MGM musicals of Yesteryear."
05/03/2010 VCX Nothing But Head
» "The Greatest Blow Jobs Ever Filmed" Welcome to the ultimate collection of Golden Age blow Jobs! These are the hottest stars in porn history showing how it’s done. Introduction by Renee Perez
03/19/2010 VCX Sex Slaves Of Satan 2
» Satan is back and he’s hungry for more. There is no forgiveness for the chosen beauties he forces into submission. These are the SEX SLAVES OF SATAN!
03/12/2010 VCX Seka Autographed DVD
» Seka Signed DVD's Package Includes: 1 Feature DVD Autographed DVD Artwork Autographed Glossy Photo Bonus Gift
02/22/2010 Cal-Vista Classics Aunt Peg's Fulfillment
» Close on the heels of "Aunt Peg", the most overwhelmingly successful erotic film of the year, this continuation of the story of Hollywood's hottest (take it both ways) female producer scales even more dizzying heights of erotic discovery.
02/22/2010 Cal-Vista Classics Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 1
» Debbie (Angel) finally gets the job she wanted as a stewardess. On her first flight she meets her old friend Pam (Shanna McCullough), who brings her to an orgy during their lay-over.
02/22/2010 Cal-Vista Classics Senator's Daughter, The
» The two biggest superstars in erotic films, John Holmes and Leslie Bovee, star in this unabashed look at what really goes on in the underbelly of Washington.
02/22/2010 Cal-Vista Classics Superstars Of Porno Vol. 1
» Making a sticky mess, then getting someone else to lap it up - that’s what being a porno superstar is all about!
02/22/2010 VCX And Then Came Eve
» Beautiful nymphettes Gloria & Eve are tired of selfish men leaving them bored and unsatisfied. They make a pact, no more servicing the wants of lame dicked men, from now on they decide their lust is priority.
02/22/2010 VCX Aunt Peg Ultimate MILF
» The gorgeously filthy Aunt Peg defines the ultimate MILF - mature in mind, with the lust fueled urges of a writhing nympho teen – strong intellect, soft gorgeous lips and an ass that screams "FUCK ME" – she’s the slut every MILF lover craves.
02/05/2010 VCX Afternoon Tease
» Lord Farthingay is coming to tea. His hostess’ butler resorts to the yellow pages to hire appropriate entertainment, and wouldn’t you know it, his finger inadvertently walks from Afternoon Teas to "AFTERNOON TEASE."
02/05/2010 VCX Nasty Girls
» Three übersluts take to their favorite bar with every intention of spreading their thin legs wide, their pouty lips open and their asses free for the closest man to fuck, ravage and soil. Directed by Henri Pachard.
02/05/2010 VCX Swinging Sorority
» Ever wonder what really goes on in a college sorority house overflowing with the most beautiful, most high spirited and most available young women who ever graced a campus anywhere?
02/05/2010 VCX Three Cheers For B.J.U.
» Four sex hungry whore wannabes in need of cash go to Madam Lovewhip for a crash course in pleasuring men.
02/04/2010 Video-X-Pix Candida Royalle Collection
» Candida Royalle was one of the most striking brunettes of the golden age. She had a beautiful smile, gorgeous full lips, amazing breasts and supple thighs.
02/04/2010 Video-X-Pix Desiree Cousteau & Friends "Big & Natural"
» If you are a fan of huge and natural mammories and hairy bush and you love porn from the 70’s and 80’s, then this DVD is for you.
02/01/2010 Mitchell Brothers Inside Marilyn Chambers
» This semi-documentary offers totally new footage of Marilyn Chambers, including complete sex scenes that were never used from Behind The Green Door and Resurection of Eve.
01/25/2010 Caballero Coming Together
» Some friendships are deeper than others! Starring: Colleen Brennen, Kimberly Carson, Herschel Savage & Greg Ruffner
11/24/2009 Cal-Vista Classics All The Way
» After his wife, played by the legendary Georgina Spelvin, interrupts his work at the typewriter, she and her novelist husband, Everett, discuss his story and in so doing define their current situation and the conflicts it harbors.
11/24/2009 Cal-Vista Classics April Love
» After screwing the wrong girl, Henry is forced to jump out of a two story window to escape a jealous husband’s vengeance. A couple of bad ankles don’t keep the then couch ridden Henry from feeding his gluttonous appetite for pussy.
11/24/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Erotic Fantasies: John Leslie
» Check out one of the most prolific cocks in porn history, John Leslie, as he pounds away on a few of the hottest pussies of the day.
11/24/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Erotic Fantasies: Women With Women
» Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake, Jesie St. James, Juliet Anderson, Monique DuPrez and more of the most stunning ladies Cal Vista features lead a collection of unforgettably sultry scenes.
11/24/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Only The Best Of Europe
» Taken from a dozen films, ONLY THE BEST FROM EUROPE features the hottest French felines, the purest Swedish doves and the horniest slut vixens the continent has to offer. Featuring Marilyn LaMour, Serena, Monique DuPrez & Marilyn Jess.
11/24/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Sally's Palace Of Delight
» Sally is a seductively erotic madam who maintains a high end stable of sexy, hungry men with extreme prowess. With eager pussies, upscale women in need of a hardcore fucking, seek out her services and the cocks Sally provides.
11/24/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Screw Video Magazine Vol. 1
» Al Goldstein is a crude, unapologetic pervert who created the notorious magazine, Screw, in 1968 and went on to host a cable access show that offered unique insight into the world of porn during the transition from film to video.
10/23/2009 VCX Stripped - A Confessional
» In this video confessional, five couples enter into therapy to discuss their innermost secrets, divulging troubled relationships, twisted fantasies and sensual dreams, transporting the viewer into their personal and private lives.
10/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Arrangement, The
» The Arrangement is an erotic story of seduction and two beautiful blondes that look like identical twins who love to be bad.
10/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Connie & Floyd
» They rob banks, they kill folks, they drink moonshine & then fuck all day and night. They live the life. Debauchery, deviancy, lust and crime, Connie & Floyd break all boundaries in their quest for ultimate indulgence.
10/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Find Your Love
» Here's your chance to look for love in all the "wrong" places - it's a tantalizing hunt of the most blatantly erotic kind, and it's guaranteed to keep you looking hard until you find what you really want... and you will!
10/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Flipside
» After enjoying an afternoon delight, Alan decides that Sally should introduce his friend Robb to the Flipside of sex. Sally who is happy to oblige, soon starts cooking with Amber as well.
10/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Gina - The Foxy Chick
» Gina has a thing for rotten men. Her current man has a gambling habit, and that habit is losing. When a pimp threatens his life after shutting down his tab, Gina is forced onto the streets where she sells her body to the lowest bidder.
10/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Girl Service
» Welcome to the dark and disturbing world of San Francisco in the late 1970's. The story may not be pretty, but the girls sure are and on top of that there's one thing they know and one thing they crave: sex!
10/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Melanie's Hot Line
» An obscene telephone call leads a young couple into a cyclone of indecent lust and perversion of the San Francisco underground sex culture.
10/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Two Way Mirror
» Used as a rendezvous for illicit lovemaking, two Paris apartments have a devilishly deceptive TWO-WAY MIRROR installed between the bedrooms. Definitely for those who like to watch!
10/14/2009 Video-X-Pix Teenage Nurses
» This is a wild and wacky sex comedy the likes of which you’ve never seen before. When Dr. Canute is appointed Director of Veterans Hospital, he decides that what the boys need is Nurses, Teenage Nurses
10/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Apartment Girls
» Linda Talley and her nympho sexpots are APARTMENT GIRLS. Watch them fuck. That’s all they do. Morning, noon, and night, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
10/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Cotton Candy
» Sahara always loved COTTON CANDY, because it melted in her mouth. So did her favorite stud Dennis (Peter North), till he left her as high and dry as her name would imply.
10/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics French School Girls
» FRENCH SCHOOL GIRLS brings to life the sexual fantasies of two gorgeous ladies as they lay in bed together sharing their wildest dreams.
10/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Moving In
» When the next door neighbors are MOVING IN, "there goes the neighborhood!" Only Alex deRenzy can bring adult comedy to the screen with such raw and nasty animalistic passion.
10/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Only The Best Of Men's And Women's Fantasies
» Watch some of the greatest actors and actresses in some of the greatest classic scenes to have ever graced the X-rated silver screen. Including: Amber Lynn, Joanna Storm, Honey Wilder, Nina Hartley & Jesie St. James.
10/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Pleasure Motel
» PLEASURE MOTEL spies on a seedy highway stop- over where a variety of nefarious individuals spend the night, all with one urge in common. They all want a good hardcore fuck. Starring the gorgeously notorious Tina Russell.
10/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Pussycat Ranch
» From haystack to four-poster, at PUSSYCAT RANCH the action never quits! Starring: Samantha Fox, Arcadia Lake, Joey Silvera & Eric Edwards.
10/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Untamed Passions
» Arrogant Alexis Madison is being kept in luxurious style. Yet the pampered ex-call girl is restless. She longs to dominate those who adore her, as she did before becoming Philip’s household bitch-goddess.
09/29/2009 Video-X-Pix Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle - The Complete Uncut Version
» Unquestionably Annie Sprinkle’s finest film, "Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle" represents one of the best examples of the golden age of adult entertainment.
09/29/2009 Video-X-Pix Maraschino Cherry Platinum Edition
» Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of prostitution, and business is booming. Then her younger sister shows up and announces that she wants to earn her spurs in the world's oldest profession.
09/04/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Beverly Hills Wives
» Take a peek on the inside of the wealthy babes of Beverly Hills, with nothing but time and too much money on their hands. Starring Amber Lynn, Honey Wilder & Herschel Savage.
09/04/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Flaming Tongues
» An intimate look at lesbians in today’s business world. Flaming Tongues erotically explores the inner workings of Vibrating Vixens, whose owners Rhonda Winfield and Sharon Nettles are door-to-door dildo salespersons.
09/04/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Only The Best Of Breasts
» Here is the DVD for those who want to see tits, not titties. Starring Candy Samples, Kay Parker, Christy Canyon & Desiree Cousteau. Special Bonus: This DVD also includes the classic 1940’s short "The Payoff"
09/04/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Private Moments
» Three horny lawyers and their wives, all who have sex drives more active than Mt. St. Helens, meet regularly for dinner. As the men toss idle legal banter at each other, the wives slip into vivid and very erotic fantasies.
09/04/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Shared With Strangers
» La joie de vivre! The joy of life – and living. When the French coined the term, it could have been this newlywed couple they were talking about.
09/04/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Swedish Sorority Girls
» Colleen Anderson stars as a swinging Swedish sex beast whose cousin from America is visiting. Along with her group of friends, she shows her cousin how the Swedes party and how friendly their beds are.
09/04/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Take Me Down
» When two horny studs tire of the singles ads in the local newspaper, they turn to the obituary page and decide to offer solace to a few grieving widows.
09/04/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Visions Of Clair
» Living alone in her stately mansion, Clair (Annette Haven) attracts the most fascinating men and women to her estate, where seemingly bound to her and her aberrant desires, they eagerly give themselves sexually to her and to each other.
08/31/2009 Vivid Video Throat - A Cautionary Tale
» A beautiful young woman is found dead in a field amidst shards of broken glass. Who was she? Why did she Die? Who Killed her? We move back in time to her life as a young student, waiting tables, unable to make ends meet.
08/04/2009 VCX Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary Edition 2 Disk Set
» Sweet, virginal Debbie (Bambi Woods) wants to head to Texas to claim her spot on the "Cowgirl" cheerleading squad. But the trip costs money and her parents aren’t willing to help.
08/04/2009 VCX Devil In Miss Jones 40th Anniversary Edition 2 Disk Set
» Frustrated spinster Justine Jones (the incomparable Georgina Spelvin) has led a boring lonely life. Seeing no other solution, she eventually decides suicide is the only escape from her miserable existence.
07/21/2009 Crazy Girls LV Crazy On The Pole Volume 1
» Liz, Eliset, Valentina, Brenda, Summer, Cheryl and Kelly take you through an exciting workout and stretching routine, to one-on-one instruction on over 24 pole tricks.
07/09/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Foxy Lady's Candid Camera
» Lady Teresa, Europe’s most popular new adult actress, gets behind the camera for a change, to present a collection of amorous amateurs performing in a series of totally explicit, erotic encounters.
07/09/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Saturday Night Special
» SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL loads a rabid six shot with sex, greed, depravity, violence and betrayal. Starring Georgette Jennings & Jamie Gillis.
07/09/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Tower Of Power
» Fred Kingsley (R. Bolla) is board chairman of the vast Kingsley Industries. He rules from his executive tower over a staff motivated by money and sex.
07/09/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Vista Valley P.T.A.
» Jesie St. James is next in a long line of teachers to take on a class of high schoolers in a small town hiding an underbelly of dysfunctional relationships, sexual deviancy & rebellion. Also starring Kay Parker, Juliet Anderson & a huge all-star cast!
07/09/2009 VCX Daddy's Darling Daughters
» Nikki Charm lights up the screen as the beloved daughter whose birthday coincides with her ravenous desire to lose her virginity.
06/10/2009 Video-X-Pix Erotic Adventures Of Lolita
» "Misty" Teased, "Debbie" Pleased but Lolita Does it all! An erotic Tale of Incest and Taboo. Lolita is the Definitive film of a young, innocent and sweet girl discovering the pleasures of womanhood.
05/20/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Black Mystique
» Sherrie (Pattie Petite) wants to keep her marriage thriving in a day and age when it seems impossible. She knows one out of every two marriages ends in divorce and she’s determined to save hers... even though it’s only eight weeks old.
05/20/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Bottoms Up
» BOTTOMS UP tells the tale of a young beauty who, with a simple act of kindness to a homeless stranger, is given a mystical ring that turns her darkest sexual fantasies into nymphomaniac realities!
05/20/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Deep Stroke
» When a reluctant wife makes her husband leave an orgy... he goes back alone and finds a world of forbidden pleasure waiting there... including the promiscuous teenage daughter of his lascivious host!
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Dangerous Curves
» Dangerous Curves is a mystery which unfolds about a legend, the glamorous, sensuous starlet, Candy Lane. It is also the story of Adam Huxley who chances to stumble across the sensational diary of the "spirited" Miss Lane.
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Heavy Breathing
» Abby gives "good phone" because she’s into HEAVY BREATHING, and all that the term implies. But she’s constantly battling the impulse to reach out and touch... everyone, with her body as well as her voice.
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Peepers'
» Deep inside the lustiest ladies everywhere is a lewd desire to be seen in the most intimate coupling imaginable .. here’s looking at you! Directed by Ron Jeremy.
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Practice Makes Perfect
» If practice makes perfect, these luscious ladies are flawless. Their motto of "If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again," has never been more true! They don’t ever want to stop perfecting the old in ‘n out...
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Precious Gems
» Randy West checks into his condo to find the maid cleaning up. He helps her make the bed while she makes him. Meanwhile Robert Bullock waits outside the room, hoping to get his bed made, too. Directed by Ron Jeremy.
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Sex Wish
» A psychopath is on the loose in New York City... Bradshaw (Harry Reems) becomes intent on revenge. Searching the dirty streets for the monster who destroyed his life... getting closer with each new dead body to the final showdown...
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Sweet Throat
» Beyond being the most breathtaking brunette of porn’s Golden Era, Beth Anna has one talent that far exceeds her rivals. Beth Anna knows how to suck cock.
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Teen Angel
» TEEN ANGEL is the shocking expose of the marriage and breakup of a nihilistic young stud and his teenage bride. Set in swinging 70’s San Francisco, TEEN ANGEL ranks as a golden age classic.
05/19/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Two At Once
» TWO AT ONCE follows the carnal odyssey of Francois as he travels the French countryside. First encountering a pair of insatiable teens horny for cock and sin, his romp continues through Europe & all the gorgeous vixens the continent has to offer!
05/18/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Backdoor Lust
» If explicit back door action is what turns you on most, then this sizzler is a must for your collection. Here is an X-rated epic to thrill and stimulate the most demanding connoisseur of esoteric erotica.
05/18/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Best Of Black White & Pink Inside
» It’s non-stop, hard driving, ebony & ivory lust at its best. Filled with an integrated all-star cast, Cal Vista shakes out the salt & pepper action with interracial heat & passion like you’ve never seen.
05/18/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Blow Hard
» BLOW HARD is that rare time capsule of dirty hard sex that all porn aficionados should own!
05/18/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Wild Oats
» Get ready for the greatest natural aphrodisiac you’ve ever tried… …You’ve never been this ‘UP’ for action before, and neither have the hot-pantsed chicks who can’t get enough of these guys and their Wild… Wild Oats! Directed by Ron Jeremy.
05/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Gran Prix
» Fast Cars. Hot Sluts. Gran Prix - Don’t blink or the action will pass you by!
05/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Revenge On A Motorcycle Mama
» When a sexy motorcycle gang member is accused of ratting out her boyfriend to the cops, the gang seeks revenge in a most brutal way. The other girls join in, assisting their men in the torture of a squealer. Watch it at your own risk!
05/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Stacey's Hot Rod
» Eric Edwards owns one of the fastest hotrods in town, but without a driver he’s stuck. Raysheena Mercado, a woman with an attraction to cock and cars, steps in to take not just Eric Edwards and Tom Byron, but the speedster hotrod as well.
05/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Supercharger
» SUPERCHARGER is the hard hitting, fast driving fuckfest full of speed and sex. SUPERCHARGER breaks the rigid boundaries of the time with it's forced sex, fast cars and uninhibited orgies.
05/05/2009 VCX Oh Those Nurses
» Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the battle of Hamburg. Your commanding General has arranged a very special treat for his troops. Tomorrow I have arranged for the nurses at the school of nursing to spend the day with us.
05/05/2009 VCX Sensuous Vixens
» Tina Russell leads us through the tumultuously sexy New York City searching for modeling opportunities. After a series of long days and no results, she takes an offer to model in some "artistic photographs."
04/21/2009 Celluloid Addiction Nymphetamine 3
» The New series from Award Winning Directory Michael Ninn
04/21/2009 Celluloid Addiction Solamente 2
» The New series from Award Winning Directory Michael Ninn Solamente 2
03/30/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Behind The Scenes Of An Adult Movie
» Behind The Scenes Of An Adult Movie is an extraordinary documented experience. You’ll see the people behind and in front of the cameras while filming an X-rated motion picture, a rarely seen real life event.
03/30/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Girls of Treasure Island
» Peter wants to throw a graduation party for his girlfriend Stephanie, but he doesn’t have any money. His neighbors Kasha & Francois, find a map of Treasure Island under the nearby gazebo. They all take a wild boat ride that turns into an orgy en-route.
03/30/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Girls With Curves
» Driven by a budding desire to lose her virginity at any cost, Evelyn descends into the underbelly of Paris where sex orgies, swinging and illicit sex are out in the open and prostitutes smoke cigars and blow smoke rings between their legs.
03/30/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Honeymooners, The
» Filmed in New York under fake names to prevent arrest, notorious director Bob Chinn, a.k.a. Wizard Glick, put together a phenomenal movie starring John Leslie as an elevator repairman who meets a gorgeous tenant played by CJ Laing.
03/30/2009 Cal-Vista Classics How To Get Ahead
» Welcome to higher education’s hottest campus, where making the grade isn’t half as important-or nearly as much fun- as ‘making’ the teacher.
03/30/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Judgement Day
» Judgement Day is the fascinating story of two star-crossed lovers, Mona and Will. Told in the manner of "Heaven Can Wait," this spectacular film traces the young couple’s entry into the pearly gates where they are met by four other young people.
03/30/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Love Syndrome, The
» A hotbed of perversion, lesbianism and startling sex scenes - it’s a fabulous potpourri of sex and it’s all in The Love Syndrome, a searing blast of explosive passions... It’ll blow more than your mind!
03/30/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Pink Champagne
» With a Hollywood twist, this scorcher tells of the good life to be had when you’re rich and famous... and extremely horny! Featuring porn legends Ron Jeremy & John Stagliano in one of their first roles ever!
03/30/2009 VCX Ass Fucked and Facialized
» They may be hot, they may be prissy, but these high class slut-whores are cock slaves in the bedroom.
03/30/2009 VCX Cum Cravers
» Getting their faces pummeled, pussies ravaged and asses brutalized isn’t enough for these hardcore nymphettes. They don’t get off until your cum explodes across their face.
03/18/2009 Celluloid Addiction Nymphetamine 2
» Volume 2 in the new series from award winning director, Michael Ninn.
02/23/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Joy Of Fooling Around, The
» The Joy Of Fooling Around may have finally reached the final plateau of eroticism... with a fabulous cast, a dynamite story, the entire lush island of Mykonos, and the most astonishing sexual scenes you are ever likely to see!
02/23/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Magic Touch, The
» The sex lives of six girls are changed by the magical powers of a red dress!
02/23/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Marina Heat
» It's an accepted fact that people who live at a marina are the loosest, most immoral swingers to be found...an ideal location for the promiscuous flight attendants, poor little rich girls and struggling actresses to find love and lust.
02/23/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Personal Services
» Have you ever answered one of those provocative "personal" ads in your favorite sex newspaper? Starring John Holmes & the fabulous sex twins, Claire & Connie Krumpet.
02/23/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Rock Hard
» Adonna (Taija Rae), lead singer for the Sexelettes, an all-girl, heavy metal band, has a lot going for her in this steamy backstage saga of the music industry. Jerry Butler, Nina Hartley & more.
02/23/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Trinity Brown
» A steamy detective yarn about a sizzling female cop stalking a cold-blooded murderer, TRINITY BROWN takes us through the underworld of hot-blooded, super-sexed gangsters, strippers, pimps, call girls and cheap street hoods.
02/18/2009 Celluloid Addiction Nymphetamine - Solamente
» A WOMAN'S BEAUTY CAN BE ADDICTIVE The new series from Award-Winning Director Michael Ninn.
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Angel Above And The Devil Below
» Randy, a gorgeous teenage girl, lies in bed reading an erotic book while listening to her young mother get screwed in the room next door. Randy stimulates her fresh tight pussy and falls into a trance that invokes the devil who appears before her.
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics French Teen
» Based on the true story of a French nymphet portrayed by the exciting sex bomb, Jaquliene Bardot, French Teen will take you on a pleasure cruise to the exotic and erotic world of true sexual abandonment.
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Here Comes The Bride
» Rhonda is a beautiful and sophisticated woman with a brain that knows how to get what she wants. When she decides to marry she tells her fiancé she is a virgin, dedicated to preserving her sacred virginity for the day they wed. Rhonda is also a liar...
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Immoral Miss Teeze
» Erica Boyer has a hard time selling Fantasy Cosmetics, but most of the time she seems to end up in the thick of it.
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Little Angel Puss
» Little Angel Puss is a teenage girl discovering her sexuality, pursuing her lustful urges and dealing with the hardships they all ferment.
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Lorelei
» Lorelei (Kay Parker) is a beautiful and talented designer of sophisticated ladies lingerie. You won’t believe how hot it can get behind the closed doors of Lorelei Fashions!
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Other Side Of Julie, The
» THE OTHER SIDE OF JULIE, starring the breathtaking Susannah French, traces the madcap life led by her and her husband, Mike (John Leslie).
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Peek Freak
» When a sexually indulgent couple discovers a promiscuous young girl has moved in across the courtyard from their bedroom, they become so erotically charged from watching her sexual exploits that they become PEEK FREAKS.
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Pleasure Palace
» Eric Edwards takes over a struggling massage parlor intending to turn it into a money maker. An avalanche of money, prostitution and sex follows. Also starring Serena, Veri Knotty & Jamie Gillis.
02/05/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Second Coming Of Eva
» Eva is a sexually inhibited young girl, eager to shed her shyness. She learns that for all her previous schooling, she has missed perhaps the most important course of all – intercourse! Brought to you by the master of the erotic, Mac Ahlbert.
01/02/2009 Cal-Vista Classics Aunt Peg
» Peg Norton is a gorgeous, high class XXX movie producer embedded in a lascivious lifestyle of depravity, money and sex. Deliciously nasty, she craves sex all the time.
12/23/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Only The Best Book
» Jim Holliday’s Video Almanac and Trivia Treasury - From the man who has seen more X-rated films than any other critic – THE ADULT VIDEO ALMANAC is the DEFINITIVE DOCUMENT evaluating exceptional erotic cinema.
12/23/2008 VCX Backdoor Barbies
» These blondes go beyond just having fun. They love it in their pussy and crave it in their ass. They want their faces fucked, pussies assaulted and their asses fed.
12/23/2008 VCX Family Values
» Featuring scenes from the most notorious films ever shot, FAMILY VALUES portrays the conflicted love and warped lust spawned between family members.
12/23/2008 VCX Fuck Bush
» Watch our cabinet of classic porn stars show you what the "Bush Doctrine" is really about! Kay Parker, Desiree Cousteau and Dorothy LeMay are just a few of the notorious all-stars that honor us with their extraordinary performances.
12/23/2008 VCX Gorgeous Teen Nymphos
» Young, Hot Cock Cravers Getting Their Fill!!! They're young, they're gorgeous and they crave cock.
12/15/2008 Caballero Innocent Taboo
» Two buddies form the same neighborhood grow up and each marry sisters from the same family. Throughout the years the two families live, grow and learn to love life together as they plan a much-anticipated vacation, aboard the boss’ luxurious houseboat.
12/15/2008 Celluloid Addiction Nymphetamine
» A WOMAN'S BEAUTY CAN BE ADDICTIVE The new series from Award-Winning Director Michael Ninn.
12/04/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Making It Big
» MAKING IT BIG takes us on a ride behind the scenes into an acting workshop that trains its girls in what really counts in the world’s movie capital: sexual performance!
12/04/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Naked Afternoon
» She is nineteen, her name is Thomasina, and you’ve never met a girl quite like her. She is free, completely uninhibited and incredibly seductive beyond her years.
12/04/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Nasty Lady
» The story of a highly sexed and charming country girl moving to the big city looking for love, excitement and erotic thrills. Tara Aire, Jamie Gillis, Erica Boyer, Herschel Savage
12/04/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Night Of The Spanish Fly
» In New York City, authorities are shocked to discover an outbreak of uncontrolled sexual frenzy brought on by the contamination of hot dogs by the aphrodisiac spanish fly. Starring Angel Barrett & The Pachucho Sisters.
12/04/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Samantha & The Deep Throat Girls
» Don't be misled by the title. This dark & probing story, shot entirely in a lavish 13th century European castle, awakens the sexual desires that have lingered in the minds of every red-blooded man for centuries.
12/04/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Sex The Hard Way
» An action-packed story of fast women, easy money and all the decadent thrills the gambling world is famous for. Starring Peter North & Penny Morgan.
12/04/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Sexual Power
» From a land far away and a time long ago comes the legend of The Golden Mask, whose wearer is granted the ultimate power… Sexual Power.
12/04/2008 Cal-Vista Classics This Lady Is A Tramp
» Starring Samantha Fox in the performance that won Best Actress. Also starring Gloria Leonard, Merle Michaels, Veri Knotty, Ron Jeremy & R. Bolla.
12/01/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Erotic Express
» Hop on the "Erotic Express" with the horniest group of commuters you'll ever see. They want nothing more than constant, hard and steamy sex. It's non-stop seat swapping with this group!
12/01/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Flesh Fever
» Money can't buy you everything, but it sure goes a long way for all the fun that one of the richest men in France is having. Wine, women, and more women make up his modern day harem.
12/01/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Island Of Love
» Two young ladies are swept off to the Island of Love via a fantasy frolic aboard an ocean cruiser. Sara and Terri soon realize that their voyage was only the beginning of a wet dream come true.
12/01/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Too Hot To Touch
» A light hearted comedy that takes place at a ski resort where Kay Parker and Lynx Cannon play promiscuous nurses at the medical center and Jamie Gillis is the pussy hungry ski pro who runs the lodge.
11/20/2008 LFP Not The Bradys XXX Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
» Marcia is grounded after TeenPop magazine reports she sent pop idol, Danny Jones her dirty panties. Danny comes to her rescue as wild blowjobs, slippery pussy licking & crazy fucking make this a hilarious XXX spoof of the 1970s classic TV show!
11/13/2008 Fat Dog Taboo American Style 4 Pack
» The Sutherland family lives a seemingly normal life on the outside, but beneath the thin mask lives a depraved world of infidelity, nymphomania and incest.
10/31/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Grind, The
» After three years in a marriage where the missionary position is the dominant position and cock sucking is out of the question, Mike Horner, seeks to liberate his sexually inhibited wife, played by Shanna McCullough.
10/31/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Perfect Partners
» Matt and John are brothers and want to share almost everything, even their wives! It doesn’t take the boys long to figure out they’ve had the Perfect Partners from the beginning! Starring: Amber Lynn, Tamara Longley, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera.
10/31/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Please Don't Stop
» While hitchhiking, Pearl (Amber Lynn) meets an unattractive type who’s going to visit her rich sister Lynn (Sheri St. Claire) for the first time since childhood and trades places with her companion. Also starring Joey Silvera & Jamie Gillis.
10/31/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Three Faces Of Angel
» Stewardess, skier and wealthy socialite are some of the roles in which you’ll see Angel at her very best. In other words, sex, sex and more sex!
10/30/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Bacchanale
» Filmed in 1970 by the notorious Amero Brothers, Bacchanale is the ultimate hardcore film of its time. Follow our gorgeous leading lady into a depraved dream world warped by subversive desire, flagrant indulgence and lascivious lust.
10/30/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Call Girl
» The film's stormy action revolves around the life and death rivalry between two gangs.
10/30/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Dear Fanny
» Dear Fanny answers letters on everyone's favorite subject - SEX. From Fanny's beachfront Malibu office, her two assistants and even the mailman get into the act as they read one bizarre letter after another.
10/30/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Double Your Pleasure
» Pretty Jean and Jo Halliday, played by real twins, Brooke and Taylor Young, run away from their dirty old uncle and head for New York City to make their smashing entrance into the wicked world of "modeling."
10/30/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Expose Me Now
» EXPOSE ME NOW tells the story of two brothers, Shane, an outstanding member of proper society, and Able, a nefariously selfish hustler who strives for happiness in its two most sinful forms; sex and money.
09/26/2008 Video-X-Pix Danielle's Teenage Fantasy
» Danielle, was one of the hottest blondes from the golden age of porn. Her career started in the 80’s and she worked constantly throughout the decade.
09/26/2008 Video-X-Pix Deep Insiders, The
» Check out the behind the scenes hanky-panky in the filthy rich world of stock trading and defense contracting.
09/26/2008 Video-X-Pix Virgin Snow - Vanessa Del Rio's
» A sexually explicit search of a woman (Laura Hunt) to find the one man, that perfect union, that will give her the always near, and yet elusive moment of total orgasm.
09/26/2008 Video-X-Pix Women Without Men II
» An all-girl romp with the girls of yester-year. These beauties have no problem getting down and dirty.
09/25/2008 VCX Craig'sList Compulsion
» These are the girls you want to fuck. You see them on the internet selling their sultry bodies, pleading you to assault their pussies, not just for cash, but to feed their depraved craving for cock!
09/25/2008 VCX Johnny Wadd
» It all started with Johnny Wadd, a film shot at a time when pornography was illegal, sex was rampant and rules were obsolete.
09/17/2008 Roy Karch Productions Insertz
» It’s the story of the alcoholic genius "Boy Wonder" and the women that make him tick. Aurora Snow, Nicole Sheridan, Paula James, Emily Evermore and Mika Tan. Directed by Roy Karch
09/17/2008 Roy Karch Productions Milfology
» There's no substitute for experience...and Darryl Hanah KNOWS how to seduce! Produced & directed by Roy Karch.
09/12/2008 Caballero Body Love
» Life had been good to rich, spoiled Martine. She knew the pleasure of teasing men and then holding off their desires. But on her 21st birthday ...
09/12/2008 Caballero Brief Affair
» Annette Haven Bridgette Monet Lisa DeLeeuw Loni Sanders Nicole Black Sharon Mitchell
09/12/2008 Caballero Ribald Tales of Canterbury
» Hyapatia Lee is your hostess in the most erotic version of Geoffrey Chaucer’s 12th century classic you’ll ever see! The sets are fabulous, the costumes are sensational, and the sex is hotter than HOT!
07/28/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Easy
» Easy isn’t just a nickname. For this gorgeous blonde, spreading her legs is a way of life. Jesie St. James in her first starring role.
07/28/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Eruption
» Hired by a devious sexpot, played by Leslie Bovee, Holmes kills her husband for the life insurance money that will make them both rich. An erotic explosion filmed entirely on location in Hawaii.
07/28/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Nothing To Hide
» Nothing to Hide is classic porn in its purest form. All natural women, fully developed plot, believable characters and spectacular sex scenes. Starring John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, Erica Boyer & directed by Anthony Spinelli.
07/28/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Sorority Pink
» The most beautiful girls in the country all went to California’s Upsilon Sigma sorority where they can trade in their naïve, small town manners for a life of spontaneous lust, partying and debauchery.
07/28/2008 Cal-Vista Classics Suzie Superstar
» Shauna Grant’s career was marked by several legendary films, most notably Suzie Superstar in which she plays a sexy rock singer at the top of the charts.
07/17/2008 Video-X-Pix Jennifer Welles "The Mature Lover"
» Jennifer Welles "The Mature Lover" AKA: Liza Duran Years Active: 1969-1978 Hair: Blonde Attributes: Very Busty, Kinky Famous Roles: Inside Jennifer Welles, Expose Me Lovely 35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
07/17/2008 Video-X-Pix Kelly Nichols "The Make-Up Artist"
» Kelly Nichols "The Make-Up Artist" AKA: Maryanne, Marianne YEars Active: 1980-2007 Measurements: 36C-28-39 Hair: BrunetteHeight 5'5" Famous Roles: That Lucky Stiff,Succulent35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
07/17/2008 Video-X-Pix Little Oral Annie "Blow Job Queen"
» Little Oral Annie "Blow Job Queen" AKA: Annie Owens, Andrea Parducci Born: January 13, 1960 Hair: Brown Height: 5'5" Specialty: Deep Throating Attributes: Very Busty, Loves Bondage, Swallows 35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
07/17/2008 Video-X-Pix Merle Michaels - "Ultra Kinky Blonde"
» Merle Michaels - "Ultra Kinky Blonde" AKA: Meryl Michaels, Merril Townshend Hair: Blonde Years Active: 1977-1987 Specialty: Cream Pies Famous Roles: Bon Appetit, Fascination 35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
07/17/2008 Video-X-Pix Seka "The Platinum Princess"
» Seka "The Platinum Princess" AKA: Sweet Alice Years Active: 1978-1993 Measurements: 39-23-34 Hair: Blonde Height 5'10" Attributes: Loves Double Penetration, Cum Swapping 35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
06/04/2008 Caballero Born Erect
» She can handle his problem, he was... Much to the shock of his parents and clergy, little Leo gets an erection during his christening. Then even repeats itself all through his childhood.
06/04/2008 Caballero Lollipop Cream
» 14" Cock Candy These chicks can’t resist the taste of John’s lollipop cream! A John Holmes Flick
05/14/2008 Caballero Sometime Sweet Susan
» She was two women, trapped in one body. Is she really sweet Susan, a loving, passionate spirit… or is she Sara, an aggressive, gluttonous tramp who capacity for sexual fulfillment is totally insatiable?
05/08/2008 Caballero Analizer, The
» She keeps going... and going... and going... All take it long and deep back there...
05/08/2008 Caballero Girls' Club, The
» Voluptuous Blonde Beauties. Raven Haired Sex Muffins. Glistening Skin. Taut Thighs. Tantalizing Tongues. Pussy Licking Lesbians. Non-Stop Lesbian Lust!
05/08/2008 Caballero This Is Your Sex Life
» This is a video unlike any other. Boldly, it presents the true, torrid account of one woman’s private sex life. Nothing is left unrevealed.
05/08/2008 Caballero Tight and Tender
» Sometimes there’s only one way to say it... Take a ride down easy street and discover the most tight and tender real estate laides you’d ever want to meet.
05/08/2008 Caballero Ultimate Thrill, The
» Do you like your sex hot, sticky and totally oral? Then drop your pants for THE ULTIMATE THRILL!!! First Gina Carrera tongues a rock-hard dick to new heights of spurting ecstasy.
05/02/2008 VCX Latina Anal Nymphos
» Authentic latina beauties. Hardcore anal fucking. Latina Anal Nymphos Features only the purest, most beautiful latinas directly from their south of the border homes. These stunning latinas love a good pussy pounding.
05/02/2008 VCX White Dick, Latina Pussy
» The crusade continues! Follow the Great White Dick as he explores the Central American jungles for the hottest Latina pussies in the world. Watch him devour the young, innocent natives with his monstrous cock.
04/28/2008 VCX Forbidden Lolitas
» School girls, naïve teens and innocent dolls receive their first lesson in depraved debauchery.
04/28/2008 VCX Gorgeous Nympho Whores
» After long days of prancing the catwalk, these stunning beauties spend their nights spreading their legs and opening their mouths while feasting upon their sinful lust. These elegant nymphos crave sex ...
04/28/2008 VCX John Holmes Extreme Facials
» No one could cover a face in cum more thoroughly than porn star legend John Holmes. From it's plentiful wealth of unforgettable films, VCX presents the Extreme Facials of John Holmes.
04/28/2008 VCX Latina Lolitas
» Smuggled directly out of Costa Rica, Latina Lolitas captures beautiful barely legal teens performing lascivious acts of carnality.
04/28/2008 VCX Sex Slaves Of Satan
» Close the curtains, lock the doors and indulge the sinister desires you’re supposed to repress. Criminal penetration is just an appetizer for these sluts, as Satan takes them on a long hellish road of abuse, submission and sex.
04/28/2008 VCX Star Fuckers
» From the notorious VCX library comes the greatest Star Fuckers in porn history. These are the scenes that made John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Amber Lynn, Seka and Desiree Cousteau famous.
04/23/2008 Caballero Touch Me In The Morning
» "Touch Me in the Morning" brings you a story of lovers caught in the torrid passion of their sometimes unusual fantasies.Featuring Lisa de Leeuw & Veronica Hart.
04/15/2008 Caballero Tricks Of The Trade
» Practice Makes Perfect Erotic Filmmaker Jim Cooper knows his job whether it’s making a sex-crazed porn starlet purr with some lusty off-camera coaching, Cooper is the leading expert on the Tricks Of The Trade.
04/15/2008 Caballero True Crimes Of Passion
» Janey Robbins is known as one of the most sexually aggressive and decadently desirable women to his the porn scene in the 80’s.
04/15/2008 Caballero Undressed Rehearsal
» Before the show goes on, the clothes must come off!
04/10/2008 Caballero Vanessa & Friends
» The Latin queen of porn 19 Scenes Digital Release Photo Gallery Dolby Sounds Interactive Button Jump to Scene
04/10/2008 Caballero Very Sexy Ballet
» Lonely Val is a beautiful ballerina searching for the ultimate physical thrill and erotic orgasm. Watching Laura and charismatic Ballet Master Mario make love in a deserted exercise room fills Val with a lustful longing that nothing can quench!
04/09/2008 Caballero For Services Rendered
» Get ready for the wildest sexpionage caper ever! You can bet your Aston-Martin that crack secret agent James Bomb will sniff out many a "foreign affair" as payment-in-full FOR SERVICES RENDERED.
04/09/2008 Caballero Olinka Goddess Of Love
» Europe’s Reigning Queen of Erotica! Olinka she’s the reigning Sex Goddess of Europe. A cool, icy beauty with a fire-hot sex appeal that knows no bounds...
03/27/2008 Caballero Virgin Cheeks
» There’s nothing like opening up virgin territory for the ultimate sex experience… There’s nothing like a plunge into the virgin territory of anal sex for the ultimate experience.
03/27/2008 Caballero Visions Of Jeannie
» This well crafted sex-vid is a tale of the super-natural that features some super tail. Tracey Adams plays a spacey clairvoyant who uses her Ouija board in wonderful, wanger-warming ways...
03/24/2008 Caballero White Man Can Hump
» A collection of the hottest footage ever seen, from one of the most popular icons in the adult industry today Tom Byron!
03/24/2008 Caballero Wicked Whispers
» Can you keep a secret?
03/24/2008 Caballero With Love...Lisa
» Now is the time to savor those luscious lip-smacking movie moments with the brassy, sassy favorite of adult motion pictures – Lisa De Leeuw.
03/19/2008 Caballero Women At Play
» It’s a brand new ball game, and these rules are made to be broken!
03/18/2008 Caballero Working It Out
» She’s making her way… By Working it OUT! Sensuously, a red finger nailed hand glides over the curve of the thigh, reaching down to slowly lift a leg warmer over see-through black mesh tights.
03/17/2008 Caballero X-TV
» X-TV … Too Hot For Cable! There’s no steamier station than X-TV. It will turn you on and keep you lusting for more!
03/17/2008 Caballero Young & Hung
» Watch some of the youngest chicks take on the king of all cocks! Watch these young hotties swallow as much cock as their petite mouths can handle!
03/17/2008 Caballero Young Nympho
» She leaves a trail of men, all satisfied beyond belief! Paula and Chris have been married already for a few years. Although they love each other very much they both need extramarital affairs...
03/13/2008 Caballero Climax
» The Climax! It’s the tingle people take the ultimate risk to achieve. Anne (Cody Nicole) is one such thrill seeker who delights in cheating on her husband Charles (Eric Edwards), who likewise is a nonstop nookie-chaser.

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