Little Girls Blue - UNCUT Collectors Edition Box Set includes over 30 minutes of previously missing footage!
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Year: 1979

Caligula - The Uncut Edition

Before Rome. Before Gladiator. The most controversial film of all time as you’ve never experienced it before! Combining lavish spectacle and top award winning stars, this landmark production is now presented in a beautiful new high-definition transfer from recently uncovered negative elements.

From the moment he ascends to the throne as Emperor, Caligula (A Clockwork Orange’s Malcolm McDowell) enforces a reign like no other as power and corruption transform him into a deranged beast whose deeds still live on as some of the most depraved in history. Also starring Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia) and Academy Award® winners Helen Mirren (The Queen, Best Actress 2006) and John Gielgud (Arthur, Best Supporting Actor 1981), this unflinching look at the decadence of Ancient Rome will startle and amaze you like no other film ever made.

Caligula (MALCOLM McDOWELL) is summoned to Capri by Tiberius (PETER O'TOOLE), his adopted grandfather. His escort is Macro (GUIDO MANNARI), commander of the Praetorian Guard. Macro seeks to curry favor with Caligula, who will be the next Emperor, by tempting him with the promise of sleeping with Ennia (ADRIANA ASTI), his wife.

Frightened, but sycophantically eager to fall in with any mood of the mercurial Tiberius, Caligula has his first glimpse of absolute power as the aged Emperor leads him from his cavernous swimming pool through his grotto of pleasures. There, the two become voyeurs as youths and maidens act out Tiberius' fantasies.

Accompanying them is a noble, elderly Senator, Nerva (JOHN GIELGUD), the only contemporary intimate of Tiberius who has survived the execution of several Senators, despite the fact, or perhaps because, he is the only one who dares openly to criticize and condemn.

When Nerva chooses suicide over a natural death, Tiberius' seemingly ordered life is shaken, and his own death, hastened.

Caligula and Macro come to witness the end. They find the old Emperor partially paralyzed, lying alone in the state bedroom. Prematurely, Caligula tears off the signet ring, symbol of power. Tiberius rallies. Macro insures has death by smothering him. A frightened Gemellus (BRUNO BRIVE), Tiberius' grandson by birth, has witnessed the murder.

Caligula, the new Emperor, gains instant popularity by announcing a general amnesty. He accepts the highest office of the Republic, the Consulship, naming his uncle Claudius (GIANCARLO BADESSI), his fellow Consul and Gemellus as his son and heir.

For a time, Caligula is splendidly good-humored, eager to be loved by the people. There is scarcely a hint of the tyrant he will become.

One of his first questionable acts is to rid himself of Macro. By promising the Guards a huge pay bonus, he orders them to arrest their commander. Macro is replaced by Chaerea (PAOLO BONACELLI). Caligula is free to marry Ennia, now a widow, but Drusilla (TERESA ANN SAVOY), his sister and paramour, counsels him to marry a respectable Roman and father an heir.

Disguised as a woman, Caligula comes to choose a candidate from among the shapely priestesses in the Temple of Isis. He is attracted -- despite Drusilla's protests that she is promiscuous --to Caesonia (HELEN MIRREN), an eloquent, sensual divorcee, who becomes his mistress, then wife.

The darker side of Caligula begins to show itself as he comes to realize that no one will challenge his absolute power.

His terror during a thunder and lightning storm is the first sign of a breakdown. His actions become more and more senseless. His only confidant is his Arab stallion, Incitatus, which he rides into the banquet where Gemellus is one of the guests. In a macabre mood, he accuses Gemellus publicly of treason and has him arrested.

As Caesonia's child is being born, Caligula marries her and names the babe his heir. He is enraged to learn the child is a girl and insists on calling her "my son."

Drusilla's death soon afterwards leaves Caligula in despair. He proclaims a month of mourning and, distraught, mingles anonymously with his Roman citizens. When Caligula is dragged drunk and dirty into a prison, his signet ring is spotted by a giant (OSIRIDE PEVARELLO) and his true identity becomes known.

Back in the Senate, Caligula proclaims himself a god and awards free games and food to every citizen. When Longinus (JOHN STEINER), his treasurer, protests, Caligula shows him how easy it is to replenish the Imperial purse.

He builds a ship in the palace that is to be used as a brothel. Forcing the wives and daughters of his Senators into prostitution, Caligula himself collects the fees from citizens eager to sample their betters.

His final public act of madness is to proclaim his horse Incitatus a Senator.

Destiny catches up with Caligula at the age of 29, after a rule of three years, ten months and eight days.

Chaerea, Longinus and the Imperial physician Charicles (LEOPOLDO TRIESTE) have quietly organized his assassination. It is a vengeful Chaerea whose sword brings down the Emperor. To insure that none of Caligula's line will follow him to power, Caesonia and Julia, her child, are also put to the sword.

A new era in Rome will begin with the new Emperor - the unwilling, dull-witted Claudius.

* Synopsis text from

Caligula Scenes:
Caligula’s wife and sister Drusilla display their passion for each other.
"I am all men, as I am no man. And so ... I am a GOD!"
"I shall now bestow the blessings of almighty Caesar upon this happy union," as he takes a virgin bride for himself.
Caligula and his friend’s new bride on the "sacred marriage bed"... the kitchen table.
Caligula is calmed after a thunderstorm sets off his wild paranoia of assassination.
From the beautiful naked bodies engaged in sexual freedom to the torturous whippings and genital mangling, Roman orgies displayed the utmost extreme in pleasure and pain.
Tiberius Caesar teaches young Caligula that power and pleasure are much more important than love, and those who fear you are the only ones you can control.
That which Caligula controlled ultimately controlled him.
Caligula chooses Caesonia, the most promiscuous woman in Rome, as his bride.
Explicit Roman orgies were commonplace within the walls of Caligula’s palace.
See the most erotic lesbian sex scene ever caught on film.
You will be shocked and aroused, saddened and appalled. You will enjoy Bob Guccione’s grand masterpiece: The legend of Caligula.
* Caligula images and text from

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